Tuesday, April 8, 2014

photo magic...

  A fun way to display action pictures is to take a series of the person in movement and then print them out.

Carefully cut around the subject.

A shadow box works great for this project.  This particular one is a really inexpensive version from IKEA

I decorated the back insert with a whimsical scene and created another strip for the third photo.

Place the photo against the glass and glue the sides of the paper strip to the frame.

Attach the back insert and you're set!!  It's such a fun way to really capture action and movement...and your kids will think it's pretty cool!


Steff said...

You're on your way Mint Girl! I can't wait to see you teaching sessions at the craft conventions! I'll be in the front row.

jennfier l-w said...

All of these crafts are amazing. I ache with envy at your talent. This is one of my favorites, especially since you made some fun games for Stella this way!

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