Sunday, March 27, 2011

greetings earthlings....

This fun UFO is so easy for kids to make and looks really cute flying around your yard.

Grab 2 paper plates, stickers, green paper and a clear plastic cup.

I drew a little alien and used 2 blue stickers as eyes.

Turn one plate upside down and Super Glue the alien on.

Glue the cup over the alien.

Then glue the plates together.

Add some stickers and you're done!

This fun UFO will be the hit of the neighborhood!


Jann Olson said...

How fun! I am definately going to do this with my grandkids sometime.

Garcizzals said...

YAY I am glad you posted this. I thought you had left the blogging world! I didn't know you changed your site. Love your ideas. You are the best.

Anonymous said...

This idea is so crafty and darling. On the last caption I thought it said "this UFO is fun to hit your neighbors with" which would also be true if you have annoying nieghbors. "Oh sorry ma'm I was just flying my UFO"
-The Squid

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