Monday, March 21, 2011

desktop tropics...

A great gift for a co-workers birthday or a teachers appreciation is this funny desktop tropical getaway.

I started with a hearty plant,

then added a sticker border.

I cut out a really simple sun and attached it to a bicycle spoke,

a skewer or a dowel would work too, just get creative and use what you have.

Find a fun picture and print it out...this was a gift for my friend at work and the irony of her winter sweater was perfect!

I added a tropical drink in her hand and then placed her into this handmade Birthday paradise.

 Ridiculous?  Yes, it's terrifically ridiculous but it is sure to brighten up any desktop!

1 comment:

Lauryn said...

You should know that I stalk your blog daily...thank you for starting it up again! I love it! :D

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