Thursday, March 31, 2011

hot diggety dog....

If you're a chic chick, you probably have a posh pup, so here's a fun craft for your furry friends.

Grab their collar and some colorful felt.

Cut out some simple flowers.

Cut two lines where the collar will slide through.

Hot glue the top and bottom of the flowers.

It's a really quick and fun project.

Slide the collar in and you're done!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

re-placed mat....

Here's a quick and easy idea for a cute re-purposed clutch purse.

 Placemats come in such cute seasonal colors and if you don't have one that you're ready to retire, you can always find them on clearance at the end of a season.

Choose the side you want as the lining and fold it into thirds.

Sew both sides.

To add some flair I used a 3" binder ring and added some cute ribbon on 2 sides of the ring.  A perfectionist would hand sew the ribbon on......I however, fired up the glue gun.

Place the ring in the center of the flap and fold the ribbon under to the lining side.

 Hand stitch or hot glue the ribbon down.

It's ready to be filled up with all your evening necessities.  

It's a really inexpensive accessory when you're in a pinch.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cheap lighting trick...

Candle light can really add a nice touch to any evening event.  This project is so inexpensive but would be perfect at a wedding reception or bridal/baby shower.

Any glass jar will work.

Vellum (transparent paper) and double stick tape will do the trick.

Fold the paper accordion style.

Cut it to the height of the jar.

Just tape it around.

 They would be beautiful lining a walkway or as centerpieces.  This is a great way to recycle your glass jars and would be cool in all different sizes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

it's in the bag...

This big bag is perfect for all the Spring and Summer activities that are quickly approaching.

I used a cute bathmat since they can be easily washed but are durable enough to toss onto the grass to  sit on.

You will also need 1" twill tape for this project.

Pin the twill down both long sides of the mat.

Sew a seam about 1/4" along the mat...and then again on the other side.

Fold the mat inside out.

Sew the sides together.

This is what the seam will look like.

To make the strap fold the twill over 2 times.

Decide how long you want the strap and pin it onto both sides.

Make sure that it's sewn on really well...and you're done!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

greetings earthlings....

This fun UFO is so easy for kids to make and looks really cute flying around your yard.

Grab 2 paper plates, stickers, green paper and a clear plastic cup.

I drew a little alien and used 2 blue stickers as eyes.

Turn one plate upside down and Super Glue the alien on.

Glue the cup over the alien.

Then glue the plates together.

Add some stickers and you're done!

This fun UFO will be the hit of the neighborhood!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

scrap-tastic artwork...

This cute little canvas is really inexpensive artwork for any nursery or kids room.  It's a super simple project that you can get really creative with.

Gather your paper scraps,

cut out a branch form and some leaves,

and glue them all onto the canvas, and that's it!  Truly scrap-tastic!

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