Tuesday, October 25, 2011

haunted paths . . .

Halloween is meant to be spooky, but with all the little goblins running around don't forget to safely light the dark paths too.

 To illuminate the fencing and sidewalk I used this lighting cover from  a previous post.

 I had a couple sheets of black card stock,

 and cut out some really simple lettering.

 The letters were taped down with duct tape,

any spooky word or Halloween themed cut out would work.

You could tape the lights down in an orderly manner, but I let gravity decide their placement.

The light cover hooks right on to the fence and the bottom edge holds the lights in place.

Happy (well-lit) Haunting.

Monday, October 24, 2011

monsters eyeballs . . .

These Monster Eyeballs are the absolute easiest Halloween treats EVER.

Pick up some mini powdered donuts, green gummi circles, and licorice bits.

 Start with a donut (eyeball),

add the gummi (iris),

and stick in the licorice (pupil), it will hold the whole treat together.

Your kids and their friends will think you're pretty awesome.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ghostly . . .

Make your pictures look oh-so-spooky with this overnight project.

I started with this adorable photo of my cousin Sam and her cute little monster Jack.

Then I copied and pasted some scary bats in the background and printed it all out on regular paper in black and white.

I still have lots of cork left over from previous projects so I grabbed the roll and some Gel Medium,

brushed it on to the cork,

make sure it will cover the whole photo.

Place it photo side down and be sure to rub all the little air pockets out. ***Let it dry overnight***

In the morning put a wet paper towel onto the paper.

 Once it's saturated remove the paper towel,

 and begin to rub the paper off, the harder you rub the more spooky it will look.  Go more lightly near the faces, I might have gone a little crazy and rubbed off too much.

Follow up with some Mod Podge to seal it and you have one very, very spooky photo.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

don't be a scaredy-cat . . .

This is a really simple Halloween decoration for your door. 

 Start with black contact paper (for arts and crafts),

grab your scissors and

 cut a circle for the spiders body, long strips for the legs and the web.

Stick the little fella right on to your door. So cute and easily removable! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

seasonal bounty . . .

This is a great project to re-use your paper bags while spreading goodwill throughout your hood.

It's so easy to let late season fruits go unused since it's getting too cold in the evenings to get out to pick the apples and pears...but you really should spread the wealth.

Grab a paper bag, scissors and a hole punch . . . 

remove the handles (one is usually already ripped off),

cut along the folds about 3", 

fold the front and back down,

then fold the two sides into the bag.

Punch 2 holes on either side.

Use a rich autumn colored ribbon,

and thread it through the holes.

Load it up with some pears, apples or squash,

tie the ribbon in a bow,

and add a touch of greenery.  Then send it with your kids next door . . . because you deserve a break after all this crafting!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

easiest pet ever . . .

This little fish is a fun addition to any room.

I started with heavy duty sheet protectors (can be purchased at any office supply or craft store),

and then I cut off the edge that had the 3 hole punches. 

A quick Google image search supplied quite an array of beautiful goldfish.

Copy and paste the image to print it out.

I used a golden sheet of card stock,

because it created greater depth and a more realistic picture.

Cut the little fella out, 

grab your needle and thread, 

and hang the fish.

Put him into his new plastic home and tape the top.

The plastic is so heavy that it retains it's shape and you can punch small holes through it to be extra safe if you have little ones around.  
Such a fun decoration for a bookshelf, party, nursery or kids rooms.
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