Sunday, September 28, 2008

bounty of the season...

This is such a pretty time to get outside and enjoy nature. Every year, when we were little, my family would visit the State Capital for an afternoon and collect the fallen chestnuts while we explored the grounds.
We never knew what to do with them once we found them, but they always seemed so rich and beautiful.
If my memory serves....I think my siblings and I ended up just throwing them at one another.
A really easy way to display them is to load up a vase and add a candle.
This season holds so much beauty and I'm always reminded of family traditions and memories during this time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

skip the grocery store floral department...

...and head down the produce aisle! Every couple of weeks I pick up a carton of wheatgrass from my local grocery store. It's only $1.19 and looks so much fresher and way less expensive than the flowers you can buy there.

The grass has a well established root system so I just place it in a pot or bowl with some soil in the bottom. It really does brighten up a room.

As my little buddy is demonstrating it's very pet-friendly and both dogs and cats enjoy helping you "trim" the healthy greens!

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