Thursday, July 31, 2008

Easy signs...

I make these quick signs for just about every occasion....even if no sign is necessary or warranted :-) They can be easily re-used and are totally cost effective (this one was about $1 in paper cost)
Select heavy card stock in the colors that will match your decorations or table settings. Cut the sheets for the letters in half and cut out the letters.

Don't stress out if they aren't perfect, it's great that it looks handmade! This sign is for my Bunco group, it's a fun, fast paced dice game that offers a great excuse to gather with your friends and goof off.

I like to decoupage the letters on, since I re-use the signs, it's good to have them really sturdy and permanent. You'll need to lay them flat under something heavy while they dry...I prefer one of my roommates' Geochemical Society books (it's her own fault for being smart enough to read heavy books).

I'm making dice out of little gift boxes with scrap dots, they turned out pretty cute!

The sign can be a big design element for your party, it ties together all of your colors and decorations. When it's over un-clip them from the ribbon or string and it can be easily stored for next time!
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