Wednesday, June 18, 2008

thank you Martha...

Like all crafty gals, I can't wait each month to recieve the latest Martha and Real Simple magazine. I'm always pulling out the pages with ideas that are just too great and inspiring to be forgotten. But I'm never very organized with them once they've been ripped out...until now.

I've decided I'll display my favorite ideas all month and then replace them when the new mag's come. All you need are a couple of frames and mats. My favorite place to get frames is at the dollar store or clearance racks they usually come matted with a picture already in them. Try to look beyond the picture of the kitty in a hammock and remember you just need the frame!

Put the mat over the picture and crop the photo by taping it to the back and folding up or cutting off the edges.

The frame usually comes with a piece of cardboard and just tape it to the back.

It's a great way to be inspired all month long and since the pictures change monthly it never gets old! Seriously, what would we do without Martha?

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