Sunday, October 9, 2016


This was one of our favorite posts.
It would be perfect for a Farewell,
Homecoming, or a simple decoration.

 We started with a foam core board
from the dollar store and this
Hazel & Ruby map paper.

 Use Mod Podge to attach
the paper to the board.

 A screwdriver worked perfectly
to poke holes for the Christmas lights.

 This is what it looked like
from the back.

Such a fun and easy project!

Happy crafting!

Friday, June 10, 2016

father's day putting green...

You aren't going to believe how 
easy this was to create!

We used teal Hazel & Ruby

Cut 18" off  the end of the rug, trace
the letters. Cut strips to glue on the edges.

 The DIY Decor Tape covers like a dream!

Hang the rug on your fence.

Use the beautiful tissue paper to make a banner.

Presents are an easy decoration so wrap 
them with corresponding colors.

Now let's celebrate Father's Day! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

having a ball...

This is one of our favorite projects!

We were looking to add some more color to 
this adorable nursery.

We had a bag of plastic balls left over from a Birthday party.
  There were also old rubber bouncy balls that were
 purchased at the grocery store.

 You can find this cool silver duct tape at your
local craft store, and any standard heavy duty thread
will work.

 Wrap the tape all the way around.

Stick the end of the thread under the tape.

Tie all of the balls together and 
hang it from the ceiling.

Such a cool and modern decoration!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

pegboard abstract christmas tree...

This is such an easy art project
with a really big visual impact!

 We used VERY inexpensive ornaments
and made sure they were shatterproof.

We had pegboard left over from
another project and decided to keep it
unpainted. However, the color 
possibilities are endless!

The ornaments fit perfectly into the 
holes. You could hot glue them if
you don't want your kids constantly 
rearranging it.

So easy!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

outdoor carpet christmas tree...

Oh my goodness, how much
fun is this Christmas Tree?

We purchased some outdoor carpeting
from the giant carpet rolls at Home Depot.  
It was only $3.95, and you could
make so many!

We grabbed a straight edge and a Sharpie.

Next, we drew our tree on the back.

Then we cut it out.

We used a scrap of trim for the trunk.

You could leave it plain....

or add a string of battery
powered lights.

The carpet will hold up in the elements
and the texture is perfect for a tree!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, November 9, 2015

christmas outfits in a crafternoon...

This is a fun way to craft and create festive 
outfits for your Christmas card this year!

Hazel & Ruby has this adorable
 Felt Flower Headband, we thought
it would be cute as a belt too
(and it's on sale right now)!

It only took us 15 minutes to create.

This  little model LOVED the 
new addition to her dress.

It turned out really cute and saved
us so much money by recycling an old dress.

 We needed something new for our 
favorite little dude and thought 
these Hazel & Ruby Crocheted Bows 
would make perfect bow ties.

 They took about 30 minutes to crochet.  

The pop of red was perfect for the picture.

Say cheese!
Wishing you a happy, crafty holiday!

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