Tuesday, July 22, 2014

flashback to the easiest painting ever....

This painting project will build your artistic confidence, 
while preserving a memory. 

  I started with a photograph from my last trip to Yellowstone. 
 I had it printed at Costco for $8.99 in 20x30".

Using the photo as a guide I applied paint directly on to it.  

Begin with the darkest color and brush it on to the 
darkest parts of the photo.

Then I added yellow to the green to lighten it up and 
covered the area's of the photo that were lighter green.

Continue to lighten the paint . . .

and apply until all area's in that color have been covered.

Then I moved on to the blue and started with the darkest, 

and continued the process of lightening the hue.

It's kind of like paint by numbers.

You really can't mess it up, just keep adding paint
 until everything is covered.

Next, add the little punches of color,

then add dark black,

lastly, apply bright white.

What a fun way to preserve a great memory and it's 
art that is accessible to any age or artistic skill level.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

personalized potluck platter...

Do you have a signature dish that
you're always asked to bring to 
potlucks with requests for the recipe?

Start with a clean white platter and you can 
personalize it with the recipe right
on it!  That way everyone can just
snap a pic.

Use a Sharpie to write directly
on to the ceramic, but you need
to hand wash.  It can fade in 
the dishwasher.

No more need to masking tape
your name to the bottom.  So,
head over to your neighbors
and spread the love!

Friday, July 18, 2014

flashback giant paint samples....

 There are so many cool crafts out there right now using
paint samples, so I thought I would join the
fun and create a giant version.
I used 8 sheets of 12x12 inch paper.

Be sure to come up with
names for the colors.
Your kids will love to chose their
color and create a name.
I taped a strip of white paper onto the back of
each sheet to connect them all together.

 It's really easy.
 This is a great Summer
activity for your kids.
Perfect in a family room, play room,
classroom or craft area.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the painted camera...

This is such an easy project,
but it will make you smile 
every time you use your camera.

 Wipe any lotion and make up
off of your camera.

 Chose an acrylic paint color
and dip the back end of the 
paint brush to make the dots.

 You could paint any design but 
dots are really easy.  Don't apply
paint to the seams or buttons.

Hot glue cute ribbon or lace 
on to your camera strap.

So much fun and so easy.

Now start snapping away!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

free printable, oh the places you'll go...

How much do we love free printables?
Thank you Hazel & Ruby for this cute 
freebie sail boat!  Perfect for a little 
Birthday party or play group.

 I printed it on regular copy paper
and cut out the sails.
 Attach a straw with double stick tape.

Cut out the waves and tape them on
to grey paper cups.

 Add a couple of treats to hold the 
sails in place.
For $8 it can be printed on heavy, 
glossy photo paper. After the party you could 
frame it for your home or give it away as a gift.
Love, love, love this project!

Monday, July 14, 2014

big announcement....

Very Heatherly is now part of the Makery Team
for Hazel & Ruby!  We are so excited!
Welcome to our fun craft blog
new friends!  Make yourself at home!

We've been long time fans of Hazel & Ruby
check out our crafting history with 
their amazing products... 


So much fun!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

flashback crafting with broken dishes day 3....

The final broken dish project creates visual interest and ambient outdoor lighting (although, it could be cute as 
an indoor fixture too).

I used broken bowls and chipped away at some of the jagged edges.

I recycled an old wooden board and painted it brown.  If you intend to store this outside be sure to seal/waterproof the wood.

Use sanded grout to glue the bowls down.

Wipe away the excess grout.

Add 2 hooks to the back to hang it up.

I used an IKEA shot glass as a votive (cheap, cheap, cheap) and placed them into the bowls.

This would also be really cool with mix and match patterns,
 flat plates would look great too.  You can get really 
creative with this project.
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