Friday, September 11, 2015

crafternoon pom pom bookmarks...

These Crafternoon projects are so much fun!
We loved creating the DIY  Pom Pom Bookmarks.
They are perfect for a back to school project.
Be sure to swing by your local

Reading is even more fun with
these adorable bookmarks.

The Crafternoon line is packaged so 
beautifully that they make great gifts as well.

 Everything you need is included!

Select a color of yarn.

 Cut a 6-10" length and wrap
the rest around the template.

 Tie the string through 
the middle and around the yarn.

 Cut the yarn from 
both sides and you have
a pom pom!

Tie it on to the bookmark and 
you're done!  So much fun!

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Happy crafting!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Crafternoon fun! A peek at Cross Stitch Calendars...

How awesome are these fun Crafternoon projects?!
They are so cute and yet simple enough
to complete in just one afternoon!
They are going to fly off the shelves so 
be sure to stock up and swing by your local 

Take a peek at one of our favorites, 
the Cross Stitch Calendars are adorable!

You actually get a whole years worth of 
projects with this one.
Each new month is a new afternoon
of crafting!

 When you open the package you
will see that everything is included
and packaged beautifully.

The calendar is made of heavy card stock
with the cutest designs for every month.
The floss is marked for each month and a
needle is included in the sweetest little envelope.

Use the needle to poke holes on the X's.

Separate the floss into strands of 2.

 Thread the needle and stitch away!

 Slip your craft into a frame and enjoy.
So simple! 
Treat yourself to a Crafternoon this week!
You deserve it.

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Happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

America, America...

Hi crafty friends! We're celebrating 
America and the 4th of July 
with this fun patriotic party.
This is such a simple idea,
but displaying beautiful lyrics
can have a really big impact.

 We started with Hazel & Ruby's 
 navy paint and 3 foam core boards.

 Place the lettering on the boards and 
apply the paint.

 Be sure to check the lyrics online...
you might be surprised that you've been
singing it wrong for years :-)

is so versatile, and their Navy Polka Dots
 really dressed up our boring white party gear!  

So festive!

 Now join your little patriotic party animals
and have a Happy 4th of July!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

simple summer wedding projects...

Wedding season is in full swing!
Here are some sweet and simple
DIY Summer wedding projects.
There is nothing I love more
than a backyard wedding!

These personalized centerpieces were 
so easy to create. 

You can upcycle your old containers
with the help of Hazel & Ruby and their 
AMAZING Candy Stripe Decor Tape.

We cut the stripes and stuck 
them much easier than
messing with ribbon!

We personalized this planter with

Apply the lettering and a quick coat of paint.

Super easy!

Such a charming way to personalize 
the centerpieces.

These tissue flowers are so 
whimsical and fun.

tissue paper. It's really beautiful with the
delicate lace design. These LED clip-on 
lights can be found at your local
craft supply store.

Cut the tissue paper into 3 varying sizes.

Cut a small opening in the middle of the flower 
and the clip will hold it together.

They are a great lighting element.

Happy crafting!

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PIN this project step by step!

Monday, June 15, 2015

putting green father's day...

Hi crafty friends, check us out on 
Hazel & Ruby today! 
Let's celebrate Father's Day 
with this fun putting green golf party!
You aren't going to believe how 
easy this was to create!

We used teal Hazel & Ruby

Cut 18" off  the end of the rug, trace
the letters. Cut strips to glue on the edges.

 The DIY Decor Tape covers like a dream!

Hang the rug on your fence.

Use the beautiful tissue paper to make a banner.

Presents are an easy decoration so wrap 
them with corresponding colors.

Now let's celebrate Father's Day! 

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